Welcome to some simple and effective work on the unfinished business that comes

from our family of origin. 

Maybe you recognize you have some work from there? 

If so, there's good news:

We can turn to and work with our family in a way our parents couldn't, a way that wasn't available before but is now.  We turn again to the family and make change at the source. 

This work is based in Family Constellations of Bert Hellinger. I've trained most recently with Mark Wolynn who is well known for his work in family and ancestral trauma.

I'm a coach and offer coaching, not deep somatic work or therapy.  

Working with Family Trauma gets to the source, below the many symptoms we experience. It gets to the thing itself and we can work with it.

Work with me to ...

  • Resolve ancestral and family trauma, early attachment.
  •  Claim your rightful place as man or woman, activist, healer, father, mother      
  • Navigate the polarities of our time Covid, Lockdown, and the Great Reset. Because these too are stuck perspectives.
  • Reclaim soul perspectives and hidden gifts. 

A no pressure chat to see whether we might be a good fit. 

2 hour session on healing in your family


Finding a way to emotional and spiritual clarity's been a lifelong pursuit. As is the cultural norm, mostly I worked on symptoms. Much later I turned to trauma in the family field. Working there's helped me and clients do more than symptom control, to opening up to a deeper soul movement.

Recently I learned a lot with Mark Wolynn. Other life stepping stones are here