Andrew MacDonald

The Crucial and Essential Inner Child Work

We're shaped by the quality of our earliest attachment to our parents,  

especially our mothers in the first years.

It's never too late to grow, experience and deepen the love that's there.  

"It didn't start with you, but it can end with you!" - Mark Wolynn

The family is an inner landscape that's so familiar ... we may never have seen it! 

Work with the mother-child connection brings

Peace -  Balance - Individuation.

You can find the grounded inner sense of being on track and safe that's at the core of who you are. From there comes your creativity and expression. This is essential education.It is not symptom management. It's getting clear on your roots and what strength and resilience are for them. 

I can help you with this.  

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The individuation process works best when accompanied by work in conscious groups with peers - companions with capacity to hear and meet each other.

Individuation, maturation, blessing don't happen alone!