Andrew MacDonald

We've been  

shaped by the magnetic field of our 

multi-generational family -  

even from our earliest hours.

We can absolutely work with it!

All of us have unfinished business from our family of origin. Some of it's visible and dramatic, some of it invisible but there.

Trauma is normal and workable. It's in the human field!

"It didn't start with you, but it can end with you!" - Mark Wolynn

The family is an inner landscape that's so familiar ... we may never have seen it! 

Working with the magnetic field of the family, the "family soul", we can powerfully support healing and individuation.


Over a long time I searched for an elusive emotional and spiritual clarity that I couldn't see because of "early attachment" difficulty in my family of origin. When the hidden wound became visible I was able to work with it and receive it's blessing.  I see working through family and ancestral issues as a universal theme. 

Some steps in my conventional biography are here.

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The individuation process works best when accompanied by work in conscious groups with peers - companions with capacity to hear and meet each other.

Individuation, maturation, blessing don't happen alone!