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Core Skills


Men and Boys

I help men and boys find a solid place in family and life. 

  • Coaching
  • Early trauma support
  • Groups
  • Family Constellations

"Your good place isn't given - it's claimed."  (Constellation truism)

About Andrew

My own story includes early trauma, hiding and hard lessons - the ones we'd like to avoid. 

I've come to see that man's silence and hiding doesn't help us, our families, our brothers and the boys of this world. 

This is a time of challenge. Go out and meet it. 

I'm about helping men and boys find their voice and their strength. I'm confident that I can connect you to these life-changing essentials. 


Phone: 613.200.7647

Why men and boys, why you, why now? 

The world needs men's hearts, men's courage, Men as men are in the shadow, voices largely silent. The challenge is to speak up and claim our place and our voice, give our gifts. This is hard work. It usually involves meeting deep early choices that we don't think will change.

Men are good but we need good places to do this in. My job is to offer such places.


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