Andrew MacDonald

            Group Host, Writer

Groups are shared explorations where the whole is more than the sum of their parts. I divide them into two kinds, the Pathfinding Group(s) and  the Imaginal Consciousness Group.  

The Pathfinding Group

1) This is about learning the important fundamentals of navigating in a shared space. This includes: 

  •  How to serve the common good in a group and help it move forward. 
  • How to honor our own voice in a group.
  • How to enjoy the swing of the group traveling together. 
  • How to support others learning and moving in this space.

I call these Pathfinding Groups as I conceive of them draw heavily from the wonderful work of Peter Block. Watch Peter speak about the Six Conversaions A lot can happen in such groups. One can learn in them for years. I have and honor this. i still do them, still love them. I offer these for free and would like everyone everywhere to be able to navigate in this space. They are the basics of collective intelligence space where individuals can learn to work together for the common good. People can help offer them to others, as part of their learning. 

These are free and happen bi-weekly or monthly and subscribers to my mail list will get the information on registering.


Imaginal Consciousness Group

But there's more yet. 

Groups can also be a deliberate doorway into a higher collective consciousness. They can literally forge new paths in reality that others can follow. They are in the tradition of Wisdom Schools. The times cry out for this type of group. The group can do work together that the individuals cannot. 

Pre-requisites: Experience with Pathfinder Group or related fundamentals group. A personal spiritual practice.

This is an hour of spiritual challenge. The social sphere is unstable and people are being pulled toward experiencing the trauma in the collective field. In my view the virus and vaccine, as well as lockdown and social control measures are symptoms of collective trauma surfacing. At this point there is no going back to putting the genie back in the bottle once that process has begun. Now it's onward to work hard for our own and human freedom.

This time can be seen as a second birth for individuals and perhaps for humanity as a whole.  It's a decisive hour in human history. A relational field is beneficial and even necessary to work through how we hold the collective trauma. Trauma is relational and the healing of it is relational. While working on our own, including with our relationship with God-by-whatever-name, we also work on the collective field. The presence of companions is part of the proces. 

Trauma is a loaded word. We can say it this way: We're working on birthing the consciousness we've worked for and wanted our whole life. And it's right there. 

I call this an Imaginal Consciousness Group. I'll share details soon. Feel free to contact me if you want to be part of its visioning and development.